“Foreign Gas” to be repatriated…The Fracking Debate Heats up

“Party for a United Kingdom of England’ declare foreign gas to be repatriated if Fracking goes ahead in Kent”

In startling developments this week, as regional, national and global debates around fracking and its impacts on communities and the environment heat up, the ‘Party for a United Kingdom of England’ waded into the debate, guns and populist trope blazing.

PUKE party representatives released a press statement which appeared to be a communication regarding the environment. In the press release, the party representative, Mr I. M. Careless declared that in a bid to protect the nations’ hard earned economic and cultural purity, it would be crucial to ensure that any gases and energy sources generated as a result of fracking should be vetted for its foreign status. Mr Careless is quoted as saying “its up to this party to make sure we contain what’s English, what’s British, and what rightly belongs to us, and this applies to the environment. We need to make sure the air we are breathing, and the gas we are using is English, and the only way to do this is to regulate Fracking properly. If an energy source is found to be lacking in its UK origin, it will need to be repatriated.”

In a rather bizarre off-shoot to the main event, a secondary theme of the press release also pointed to what the party has called ‘the environmental risks of foreign migrants’. Party representatives said “our analysis shows that as a direct result of EU directives, the free movement of people across borders – principally into the UK is causing a huge environmental impact, with geothermal and satellite imaging showing these impacts are contained within UK sub-soil and airspace. What’s more, these impacts have increased in-line with the lackadaisical approach to immigration that previous and current governments have employed. We have said time after time that it’s not just jobs and housing that foreigners are taking, its our environment – we have evidence that immigrants are relying on the welfare state, and using this ill-gotten money to steal UK environmental purity. Its got to stop.”

The debate goes on.


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