Unhealth care.

Surely one person can’t make a difference? read this inspiring story.



Yet another fact based reason why the neo-liberal march towards privatising the NHS is going to make millions of lives so much worse. Cameron thinly disguising this competitive marketisation of health care, tells us that staff being share holders in ‘mutual’ companies would drastically cut health care costs, because, the logic goes, the ”market’ will take care of itself. Hmm, is this the same market that has allowed inequalities in income, health, housing, education and employment to fester? The same market that allows (legally) multinational companies to trade in the UK, but avoid billions in tax through convoluted and legalised tax avoidance schemes? Hmm, its been a slippery slope for the UK NHS since even before the dodgy Private Finance Initiatives were introduced. I won’t be surprised to see this guy flying through the UK helping us out. Anyway, he’s from Preston, reason enough to be proud!




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